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About Me!

I guess I should probably fill this “About” page so all of you know what is what.  I am 23 years old now and although I would like to say I know everything about running and exercise as well as nutrition, I don’t.  What I do know is that I have been running on and off now since I was in sixth grade and for the first time I have found a passion in it as well as success.  That must mean I am doing things correct.

I am not your ordinary person.  Not only am I a little odd when compared to the rest of the world but I am also a Vegan, Environmentalist, Barefoot (Minimalist) Exercise Enthusiast with a passion for feeling good and healthy.  I have done a ton of research as well as strict experimentation to put myself in top physical and mental condition whenever possible.  Health is very important to me because no matter what your passion in life is your health will play a major role in how you spend your life.

In the last few years I have read about some incredible journeys that people take and incredible feats of speed, strength, and endurance that are possible.  I will probably never be a professional athlete (even though I would love to be), but in my blog I will track my journey from being overweight and unhealthy (at the age of 20 I was 6’2″ and 230lb) to being fit, healthy, happy, and completing some crazy stuff.   DeathVally Ultra, Leadville 100, Boston Marathon, the Colorado 14er peaks, Ironman Full Triathlons, and more.  So read for yourself what and you just might get out of all of this.

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