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Motivation Is The Name Of The Game

October 19, 2011

How do you stay motivated on a goal when it seems like such a crazy idea?  I have this ridiculous idea (and believe me it is out there) of being a professional athlete one day.  My father was an impressive runner (Mostly distance it seems) as was my father-in-law (triathlons) and I want a chance to shine.  I never expect to go to the world championships of anything nor the Olympics (but I would love to).  What I want is something different.  I d on’t want to beat other people, I want to take my goals and continuously crush them.  I want to take each and every PR and put it on the chopping block.  It just happens that if I ever get to where I truly want to be with this that I would be at the top of the field in many races.  And to top it all of I want to do this without dropping my beloved minimalist shoes (I have even been running some without shoes) and I will not stop being a vegan and natural foodist (some say food snob, I say I know what I like).

So what do I really want to achieve you ask?  I usually avoid saying because my family and friends already think I am nuts, but oh well.  I want to break 2:30:00 (5:40 pace) for a marathon, 1:00:00 for a ten miler (6:00 pace) then  same for a half marathon (4:30 pace I think), and a 0:30:00 10K (Around 5:00).  For distance I want to one day do an ultra of 100 miles or more, though I am seeing now that that is going to take a heck of a lot of time from my life, we will see.

So who do I run with?  Who can I get advice from.  Though I have completed some great times and distances already, I need support.  There is only so much time my family (Amy and my mother) want to spend on a bike and when it comes down to it, it is hard to ride a 5 or six minute mile on a bike.  So where do I go?  Who do I turn to?  And who will keep me going when all of my goals seem so far off?  And who is going to finally challenge me to give me the kick in the rear that I need to grow into the pro I want to be?

  1. Anonymous permalink

    You have already “crushed” some of your goals and “chopped” those early PR’s, and you keep on amazing me! You’ve set your sights on some darn fast times. Just keep on crushing and chopping and see where it takes you. Be proud of where you’re at right now as a runner. You’ve accomplished a lot this year!

  2. I have faith in you, I know yOu can do it!

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