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October 5, 2011

Nutrition and food have always been something I struggle with.  Although I love to cook and really like healthy food, my lazy living sometimes catches up to me and I want to veg on the couch and eat junk.  I have done a lot of searching and have found that one of the biggest differences between a good athlete and a great athlete is their nutrition as well as recovery plan.  And it is strange how closely connected those are.  The for me, it gets even harder overall because I am a vegan and I care very much about what I eat and don’t like processed foods.

It used to be that when I ran a long way I would get up and have a couple bars, some GUs or chews, and a sports drink.  When you look at what goes into those things (there are exceptions) it is terrible.  Everything is so processed that I cannot tell you what actually goes into it.  But, without the synthetic junk it does not provide the same level of energy without some work.  But don’t worry, I have found some ways around that.

As I began to change my diet and get rid of all of the cheese, milk, meat, and processed foods I went from 230 pounds down to 185 or so, and that was without depriving myself.  I went from running about 20 miles a week at about 9 minute miles and feeling tired every day to running as many as 40 miles a week at 745 pace.  I am running more often, farthur, and faster and I feel fine.  I even work on my feet fourty hours a week and travel everywhere by bike or foot.

For years people have been leaving a diet that is not only cheaper but also tastes better and has a lot of benefits.  With a simple breakfast of 2 slices of toast and black beans and some coconut water (add chia seeds and agave for an added boost) you will have more energy then you need to push yourself.  Then because fruits and vegetables are so easily digest and broken down you can add some veggies and a banana or apple and it will help renew you.  If none of that works for you then a quinoa salad with corn, beans, peppers, and such is a great and fast way to get all the protein and carbs you need.

Then for recovery a big plate of pasta.  MMMMmmmmmm.

Just because it can work to use all the gu and junk like that does not mean there is not a better way.  Try it.  You will be able to push yourself harder then you ever have and feel great the next day.  If you really cannot kick the sports drinks, try making them.  Cheaper, better, and you can customize.  Remember this. Listen to your body and it will lead you!

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Like Jimpa said, you are the smartest guy in the room! You are an inspiration and my diet has greatly improved because of you. We had a delicious vegan pasta this week, whole wheat fusilli with artichokes and plum tomatoes. We had vegan blueberry cornbread muffins, a mixed greens salad and fresh raspberries with soy milk too. Yum! Ma

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