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Preparing To Run: Injuries

September 18, 2011

Nothing like getting up in the morning, sunshine coming through the window and a pain in my right foot when I step off my bed.  I love to run and it is pretty much a necessity for me to be happy.  So when I get up and my foot tells me to sit back down I need to do something, and now.

In the last two years I have had some aches and pains but nothing I would call an injury.  Now for the last few weeks I have had some pain in the inside of my right foot that will not go away.  If I stretch and start out a little slower on my runs I feel fine while I am running, and same for the hour or so after.  But after that, every time I step (unless I wear shoes, any shoes, or even just socks) there is some pain.  Argh.

I have found one thing that makes it feel better and I really think it will work in the long term.  Rolling my foot on a bottle seems to make it better.  I tried it before running last night and I did again this morning and I feel better.  It may only work for a little while, but it is helping in the long run by making the pain lower each day.  I am starting to have a little more faith in rest days, but just a little.

Come on foot, you can do it!


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One Comment
  1. Cathy permalink

    In addition to rolling your foot on a bottle, try massaging the sole of the foot, really digging with the thumbs. And, I hate to say it, but I swear by ice and Advil. If I can catch an overuse injury early on with ice and Advil, it makes a difference. Rest is important, but so hard to do when you are addicted to running! Take care of those feet! They’ve carried you a lot of miles and your journey has just begun. Ma

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