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Faster Feet, Faster Pace

September 13, 2011

Back Again For More Rambling!!!

I have been really working toward getting my feet to go a lot faster.  My whole life I have seen myself as being much stronger then fast.  When I hop on my bike my leg speed used to be slow and I kept in a high gear and trudged through whatever was in front of me.  Endurance running has appealed to me because I never thought any sort of speed was possible for me, until now.

I have been working on getting my stride to be longer and building strength to keep up my speed.  Now I have been pushing leg speed as well.  Fast feet.  I have been told for years that when you crest a hill to do three quick steps then power down the hill.  Take that one step further and shorten the stride to quick, quick steps and keep the stride short.  Then on the up hill keep on the toes and pull out a longer stride.  This helped push me to a 6minute mile and seven pace for 5 miles.  A huge improvement for me.

Beyond that the key is changing up the schedule.  I have always been flying by the seat of my pants and doing whatever happens.  Now I have plans ahead of time and I vary what I do.  Each week I make sure to do 1 day of sprints, distance, intervals, and a fun run without any clear goal.  In four weeks I have brought my average pace down almost a minute and a half per mile.  It is funny how real training can actually make you better.  Lets see what else I can do!


Yay Running

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