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2011 Coal Creek Crossing

September 3, 2011

Racing is a strange event.  Today was the first time that I ran a race without someone else there, and the first race where I was really pushing for a good time.  There is so much energy all over the place that I spent the 15 minutes or so bouncing around all over the place.  I am sure I drove my wife up the wall acting the way I was.  Oh well, she understands.  Today was the 2011 Coal Creek Crossing 10 mile run in Louisville, CO, my hometown and place I live.  I have run every inch of the course more times then I care to admit so I knew what I was getting myself into and I knew many of the other runners, by sight at least.

I have found a great way to warm up for a race, or any run really.  As the parking was going to be bad and the start was only about 2 miles from my house I hopped on my bike and my wife on hers we rode there (she also wanted to ride her new Fuji Road bike).  It was a little cold but not bad, I would not have changed anything.  In all my training I never do any sort of GU, gel, chew, electrolyte drink, or anything else like that unless I am breaking 15 miles so the Honey Stinger gel and Vega Electrolyte drink really pumped me up.  And after the very informal start we were off.

The course is great and the organizers did a great job.  With only a couple hundred runners and a very small cost I was surprised to see any aid stations at all.  Most were a parent and a couple kids who were all very nice and were having a great time.  The course was a three mile loop then a 6.5 mile out and back on trails with limited road access so it was nice how many spectators rode their bikes out.

In the end I had an amazing race.  The temp didn’t even reach hot until after the finish and I blew my goal away.  My honest goal was a little over 90 minutes and my long shot was 8- minutes so when I crossed the line at 1:18:34 I was crazy excited.  Despite a huge hill then an uphill section in the last mile up to the finish I was so excited to be feeling so good that I was flying.  I knew going into that I needed to hold back a little since I have a marathon on Monday (Yay Boulder Backroads) but I ran based on how I felt and that is where I ended.  I need to find another good ten miler to see what I can do if I hold nothing back.  Next year I am honestly shooting for 1 hour.

I also want to quick say a huge congrats to my wife Amy who ran her first race today and did a great job in the 5K, thank you to the few people who kept me company on the course, and way to go to the ponytail guy who blew past me despite being behind at the turnaround.

Now For The Marathon!


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