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My Last Training Run

August 30, 2011


On Sunday I went for my last training run before the marathon.  It is a little donting to be slow and short of the distance you want on the last attempt, but 3 miles is still great.  For my last marathon (5 years ago) my last long run was two weeks before and only 18 miles so really I am on track.  Now time to just rest and let my legs remember what it is like to be calm for a few days.  From here on out I will eat only healthy foods, get as much sleep as possible, and try my best not to get hurt.

I do need to throw a quick Thanks to my mom for joining me on foot and bike for about 9 miles.  Thansk to Cooper for being all over the place for the first three miles (dogs love to sniff).  And thank you to my wife Amy for biking the last 13 miles or so while carrying some food and drinks for me in the blazing sun (over 90 degrees for most of it).

Despite the fact that I have been doing almost all of my running in the heat this is the first time I realized that I need to do something different in the heat.  That means not pushing myself past “Aid Stations” to do 6 miles before I take water or trying to do a slow start then push for a fast overall pace.  You cannot re-hydrate, refuel, or re-energyze the human body when it pushes too hard.  If I am going to be an endurance runner I need to be better about underestimating what my body can do and being glad when I can go farther or faster.  But I did finalize my running plan.

Even though I have pushed better then 9 minute pace I need to back off. 9 pace is great and I can always speed later in the race, but you cannot slow down the beginning once it has passed. Electrolyte drinks and water are a must every 2 or 3 miles with a gel, goo, or other type calorie packed thing every 4 miles or so.  No need to worry about eating to much when exercising for 4+ hours.  Then if at mile 20 I feel great I can pick it up and knock my pace to a few seconds faster.  Better be safe then sorry.

So this is it. The race starts about 140 hours from now and it is just a matter of time.  Argh!

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