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It Starts!

August 26, 2011

Hello people out there!

It feels so strange to write everyone out there, especially considering I doubt anyone will read this right now.  Oh well,  I will leave it out there for the ages and wait until college students one hundred years from now will take “Exercise Knowledge and Writing of Davis Gunderson.”  Or not, either way is fine with me.

To focus on what I really am here for, exertion.  This is something that I must have,  I love to push myself to do bigger and harder things.  Right now my big goal is to just finish the Boulder Marathon on Labor day.  Only a little over 9 days I am starting to get nervous.   Especially considering the fact that I also signed up for the Coal Creek Crossing Ten Mile run just two days before that.  After that I begin my journey towards trying to be a professional runner of sorts, or at least a pretty hardcore weekend warrior.

After my immediate trial it is time to really focus on what has been a crazy out there goal of the Leadvile 100 endurance run in 2013 (being realistic but I would love to do it next year).  To make matters a little more difficult I am a barefoot vegan that is bent on doing all of this without all that chemically pumped stuff.  Oh yeah, I am also a minimalist shoe sort of guy that runs in the Vibram five-finger shoes.  My Wife, Family, Friends, and people I work with think I am a little nuts, but this seems to be out of my control, it is what my body wants to do.  From there it is time for even more craziness, what more can you expect.

So why the blog?  It is my place to save my thoughts, plans, successes, failures, and a chance for my family to follow the craziness that is my life. More will come.


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